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Re: Who would you want to play the captain in Trek series 6

Harry Lennix from Dollhouse. Cool under pressure and ruthless when neccessary.
Ron Glass from Barney Miller and Firefly. His character was simultaneously the most conscientious, enlightened member of the cast and (implicitly) the most cold-blooded and vicious. A perfect mix fro a starfleet captain. Idris Elba is just amazing in whatever he does.
One advantage in casting an older black thespian as the Captain of the ship /or at least a bridge officer is the opportiunity to do a retcon and make him the young shuttle pilot during the Kelvin sequence.

Other potentials would be Alan Tudyk or Jason Segal for a more comical, unlikely sci-fi hero. Hell you could make him complete subversion of who we typically view as the Captain of a ship. Make him not a physical-type (like Kirk) or intellectual type (like Picard), but instead someone who's just really good at running a starship and is more akin to an owner/manager of a small business or restaurant like Richard Jenkins, Louis C.K., or John C. Reilly.
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