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Re: Stewart talks about domestic violence in his childhood

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A shame he doesn't give a crap about the men who are victims.

He's talking about his personal experiences. In his case, as in the majority of cases, the abuser was a man. He does mention as an aside that male victims are in the minority, which may rankle with a group who have problems with being marginalised, but he's not silent on the issue. More importantly than that, he's outing himself - a man - as a survivor of emotional domestic abuse. So I think, yeah, he probably gives a shit.

Dismissing people who do talk about domestic abuse because you don't think they're doing it the right way is another silencing technique and helps absolutely nobody.
No. Male victims are not a minority, nor is it true that men are the majority of abusers. Women abuse men and children (and women) as often as men abuse women and children (and men). Any and all studies NOT performed by radical feminists in the last 20 years have demonstrated that men and women are equally likely to be abusers and equally likely to be victims. If either you or Stewart can't distinguish between reality and feminist propaganda, that isn't my fault. And don't you DARE suggest I'm encouraging silence. YOU are the one doing that, saying I should be silent about the blatant mistruths Stewart- and you- are spreading, those that prevent action being taken to give men equal protection to women. Do you have any clue how few shelters for battered men there are?

Still, go ahead and spout your ideology and sweep the truth under the carpet. I'm used to it by now.
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