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Re: Your worst injuries

I have a unique one that I imagine not a lot of people experienced before.

While I was 10 or 11 years old, I was out in the woods with some friends, bored out of our skulls so we started knocking down some rotten trees. Someone must have eventually stepped on or destroyed a hornests nest and we got attacked. Sure I got stung on the hand, arms, my side, and a few other places, but I think the worst would have had to been the hornet that got into a small hole in my crotch in my jogging pants and stung my left testicle.

As if that wasn't bad enough and even after me screaming like a little choir boy and grabing all over my crotch to quickly crush the hornet.... all the while trying to run home at the same time, I got stung 4 more times after that in the same location.

Nothing quite like getting hornet venom injected into a testicle multiple times to get your head wrapped around what real pain is... it's be a pretty good torture method.

By the time I got home, ripped off my pants and get checked out (mom's a nurse) I obviously survived, but my sister said as she shaked out my pants I left in the door way, the horent flew off without a scratch on it, even though the whole time I attempted to crush the bugger.

To say the least, there's a chance my offspring will be some type of mutant hybrid Hornihuman.... not sure if they'll be a super hero or villian yet.

I also fractured my middle toe on my right foot twice and had a number of large cuts over the years, two on the head, one down a finger, a hatchet to my shin..... fell out of a two story high tree as a kid, landed square on my back which knocked the wind out of me for a good 10 minutes.....

..... oh and I've been in contact with electricity on a number of occasions through my life and now I also lead a electrifying life so to speak where it seems that everything has a static charge on it when I come into contact with them.

I think thats about it for now....... I think the hornet stings to the left testicle take the cake for me though.


Oh and on occasion growing up I've stubbed my toe on a rock or a big metal door in school and lost a toenail here and there or had some flappy skin dangling off the end of my toe..... those wern't fun either.
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