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Re: Your worst injuries

Adding to the trivial list...

I was unable to protect my neck during a training exercise and ended up with some compressed discs (or something like that - there were medical words used that were met with my blank expression). I didn't get it checked out for a while as I thought it was too trivial to deal with. That ended up in it never eally healing properly and causing me pain ever since. Though the worst of it was not having full movement and taking a while to get out of bed while my (now) ex was pregnant.

As a kid I had a broken ankle which didn't heal properly due to a faulty cast. I ended up in a cast (well, series of) for about three months and followed it up with two years physio as the damage was a little on the severe side. Though I didn't see the bad side at the time as I didn't have to do any sports in school and my parents bought me lots of Lego - which was relativity awesome at that age.

The only thing that's had a lasting effect on me are my knees. There wasn't one incident that did it - it was more a cumulative thing playing rugby then wrestling, then refusing to rest when I was told to...

...two and a half years ago I was told to stop entirely. The doctor said that he was surprised I was walking, let alone wrestling due to severe arthritis, among other things. I ignored it and kept on going and when I decided to stop and join the army, which I was very high on for many reasons, I had to stop my pre-training training with them as the pain was too much to deal with - though it wasn't until my recruiting sergeant told me to stop that I did, as he saw I was hiding the pain and tryng to get through it anyway.

Having my knees stop me from taking such a good oppertunity has been a major blow to me this year and with jobs being few and far between, and me not sure what to do with myself now, it's not been easy to keep smiling and carry on.
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