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Re: Your worst injuries

Nothing serious. I've required stitches three times in my life.

Back when I was 7 I learnt the hard way why you don't run around the edge of a pool when I slipped and cracked my chin open. I have since been far more careful on wet surfaces.

A year or two later I was rolling something up an aged skateboard ramp and got a 10 cm splinter that went through the edge of my hand. They had to cut my hand open to get it out. I know hate anything to do with skateboarding.

Final time was when I was 19 and I was messing around in college and someone kicked a door and the door edge impacted just above my eyebrow, splitting my head open. I then got drunk and found out that drinking after receiving a blow to the head is not in the legion of genius ideas.

The only bone I've broken (that was mine) was a toe by stubbing it. Probably more painful than childbirth.
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