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Star Trek: Restoration - Onyx

Hi all,

As promised, Volume III will be starting with a prologue and first chapter on 1st December. Before that, though, I wanted to post a synopsis of the first two volumes for anyone who wants to be reminded of what has gone before, or who is picking up the story now.

So here goes...

Star Trek: Restoration

Synopsis of Volume One - Redemption

The year is 2631. Eleven years after the end of the Dominion Occupation.

The former Great Powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants are recovering from a quarter of a millenium of Dominion rule. The Federation of Allied Worlds, a shadow of the former UFP, struggles to maintain a hold on its member worlds, most of whom are just waiting for an excuse to abandon the Articles of Federation. Old enemies have become new friends as the Romulans, the Cardassians and the Ferengi have joined the Federation as founding members, as important as humanity in this new order. The Klingon race has been sundered in two, with the honorbound Khitomer Klingons serving in the Federation, while the Klingon Empire descends into a hotbed of intrigue and violence.

Within this maelstrom, a new-class of ship is launched by Starfleet. Known as the Restoration-class, its flagship is the USS Redemption, a ship which will be called upon to take part in a dangerous mission to a strange alien race...

Ba'el Sarine, a former rebel fighter who exiled himself to Earth at the end of the war, receives a visit from his old cell leader, now a powerful Admiral in the fledgling Starfleet. Asked to take command of the USS Redemption after his presence was specifically requested by the reclusive Laurentine Hegemony, Ba'el initially refuses, still trying to come to terms with the death of his wife and son in the last year of the war. When he realises that his refusal could lead to another war, however, Sarine decides to take the job.

Onboard the USS Ulysses, Commander Kalara, a Klingon who has been offered command of the Redemption as well, receives a puzzling message from Starfleet that leads her to believe she is about to lose her first command.

At the Starfleet construction yards in orbit of Romulus, as final preparations for the launch of Redemption near completion, the ship's operation officer beams onboard. A joined Trill who holds the legendary Dax symbiont, Jasto Dax is a man struggling with the actions of his former host, an insane killer who still has a hold over the symbiont. Hiding his affliction from his commanding officer, Lieutenant-Commander Ianto - a Data-class android who holds the memories of the original Data - Jasto encounters an attractive young female officer who may have a link to Dax's former host's sordid past.

Arriving in Romulan space, Kalara meets with two Admirals who confirm to her that she has been passed over for command of the Redemption. Although her initial reaction is to refuse, her code of honor pushes her to accept the position of first officer aboard the ship.

When Sarine himself arrives, he descends to the surface to meet Ambassador Benjamani, a female human who has been responsible for the talks with the Laurentii. Neither of them likes the other and the meeting ends in a heated argument, Benjamani throwing Sarine from her office.

Aboard Redemption, Doctor Keene, a genetically-modified Klingon operative posing as a Starfleet doctor, uses a holographic emitter to pose as Commander Kalara. Sneaking into the CMO's office, he uses the communications' array to contact a fleet of Imperial ships waiting to cross into Federation space. Transmitting secret plans and defence codes, Keene is almost found out by the CMO.

Hours later, Kalara finally beams up to Redemption with her husband. After taking a tour of the ship, she calls the senior staff together and informs them that she will not be their captain. As she explains the change in plans and announces that Sarine will be taking command, the red alert sirens begin to sound and the bridge announces that Romulus is under attack by Klingons.

Sarine is down on the surface meeting with the flight commander who will lead a squadron of fighter pilots onboard the ship. When he learns that the Klingons are attacking, he decides to join her and her officers in the air.

Onboard the ship, Kalara takes temporary command and orders the ship out into the fray to face the fleet of Klingon ships. Although her initial attack on one of the ships is successful, Redemption is soon in a life-or-death struggle to survive.

Sarine joins the other fighters above Romulus. When a coordinated attack using the specific frequency of the planetary shield destroys the planet's defences, Sarine leads a delicate and dangerous assault on the main Klingon ship, a captured Dominion battlecruiser.

As the Federation forces begin to gather so that they can fight off the Klingon attackers, though, a combined assault sees Starbase 2 destoyed, killing twenty thousand Starfleet officers and Federation citizens in a single, horrific blast.

Sarine's attack is successful and the battlecruiser is destroyed. Redemption leads the Klingon ships away from the construction yard in an attempt to save as many lives as possible. Although Kalara manages to use her knowledge of Klingon ships to destroy and incapacitate two of the ships, the lead ship uses her last burst of speed in an attempt to ram and destroy Redemption. Sarine gives the order to create a slipstream aperture in front of the ship to destroy the Klingons. Kalara refuses to follow the order, but Sarine manages to convince Lieutenant Dax into doing it instead.

The gambit works and the Klingon ship is destroyed. When the aperture goes out of control, Kalara heads down to Engineering to help shut down the slipstream drive while Sarine pilots his fighter towards the aperture to use his warpdrive to close the rupture in space and time before it engulfs the whole system. Kalara gets down to Engineering in time to see Ianto sacrifice himself to save the ship. At the last moment, Sarine is beamed out of his fighter and onto Redemption.

On the bridge, Sarine and Kalara have a heated face-off. Kalara threatens Sarine with a phaser. After convincing her to lower her weapon, he has her arrested. Taking command of the ship, he orders them back to the construction yards.

End of Volume 1
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