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In my opinion, the Shatnerverse books are Mary Sue fanfic written by someone who actually portrayed a beloved character. The Kirk in those stories makes Chuck Norris look like Tinkerbell. They're what a Michael Bay Star Trek movie would look like, if Bay had a hardon for William Shatner instead of the US military.
Although Iím anti-Shat in STXII, I would *love* to see a Michael Bay-directed huge-budget Shatnerverse movie. It would be truly terrible, yet truly awesome at the same time. The mind boggles at the sort of things that would happen

About the Shatnerverse and regular TrekLit: Iím not so sure there is much in the way of irreconcilable contradictions between them (although I havenít read everything, I think the biggest problem spot is the mirror universe) Ė I always thought of it more as they just never EVER mention that Kirk is up and about in the 24th century in any of the other books. If there are contradictions, they donít seem as noticeable as those between current Trek and say, the Rihannsu books or The Final Reflection, and elements of those (and other old books) crop up time and again.

Silly Shatnerverse speculation: Couldnít the ancient building on The Returnís Borg homeworld (in the Delta quadrant), with its big engraved metal doors be a remnant of the crashed Caeliar city that begat the Borg in Destiny? The Borg would have eventually Borgified the whole planet, but maybe they kept what was left of the original city as a monument to the perfection to which the Borg strive (and put a giant Lever of Death right next to it)
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