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Your worst injuries

The damage doesn't have to be mainly physical, also how damaged was your pride, or even your psychological makeup, in obtaining that little charming anecdote..

Mine are as follows:

1) age six, ran into a glass sliding balcony door knee first; result: 2 x 1 inch gash, 5 stitch marks on each side (would the expression then be 5 or 10 stitches?). While this one may have been physically the worst, I was a kid, it didn't phase me, at all. I kinda like the scar.

2) age 23, tried to dunk on a badly set up front yard hoop, only to have the entire construction give way, so that I fell to the ground with it. Ended up on my back on the pavement, with the hoop around my neck, and a banged up forehead. Healed quickly, no permanent marks, but I'm to this day anxious about attempting similar antics again.

3) today, was fiddling on my iphone while riding my bike along the sidewalk. A guy suddenly started backing out of his driveway in front of me, and I had to break suddenly. Having only one hand to steer with, I lost balance and landed face first on the pavement. Some bruises and a chipped tooth. Will need to get that one fixed. No fear about riding the bike, as I just kept going, but I may have gained some additional common sense.
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