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But then, Homer's liver seems to be at least mildly sentient.
Homer: "...I'll have to stop drinking."
Homer's liver: "Yay!"
Homer: "Shut up, liver!" (Punches himself.) "Ow. My liver hurts."
And thus we have the beauty of the Simpsons. I read this line and instantly saw that scene in my head and just started busting out laughing.

This reminds me of a snippet that's been floating around in my head, but I don't remember which ep it's from...

Homer: "I'll never drink again."
Beer salesman: "Beer here!"
Homer: "I'll take ten."

At least, I THINK it was Homer. Maybe at a ballgame?
It was from Season Six's "A Star Is Burns", where Springfield held a film festival. Homer, who is one of the panel judges for the film festival, says this after watching Barney's production of "Pukahontas" where Barney depicts the sad details regarding the life of a man enslaved by alcohol. Right after the movie, he starts tearing up and looking sad and that's where your quote comes in. That's also the episode that has the crossover with The Critic. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, I'm going off of memory (and if I'm right, then Jesus Christ what have I done with my life? ).

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