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Re: Do you buy Christmas presents

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for your pets and if yes - what sort of things do you buy them?

Any suggestions on what I can get my cats? Last year I spent over $100 on a cat tower as a combined Xmas/10th birthday present for Miss Chicken and she barely uses it.
I presume the tower is a scratching post covered in carpeting? Try rubbing catnip on it!
You might find this interesting

Interestingly enough, not all cats respond to catnip. An estimated 25% of cats do not respond to catnip. Why is this? If it turns out that both your pet’s mother and father did NOT respond to catnip then neither will your pet. On the other hand, if your cat’s mother and father respond to catnip, then so will your cat. Additionally, if either one of the cat's parents respond to catnip, then so will your cat. This means that the ability to be affected by catnip is a dominant trait. Thus, it is more likely that cats will be affected by catnip than not. However, if your cat is younger than 8 weeks old, this is not a good indicator of whether catnip will affect it, as kittens are unable to respond to it at a young age.

Did you know that most Australian cats are not susceptible to catnip? Strange enough, the reason for this is because domestic cats in Australia are bred from a very small original population. These original cats did not respond to catnip, so neither do the cats they gave birth to. Those poor Australian cats do not know what they are missing.

My cats do not react to catnip
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