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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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I didn't start it, YOU people did.
When a thread reaches this stage of logic, it's probably time for folks in the thread to step away from the keyboard, remember you're all just discussing entertainment and come back in a less vitriolic frame of mind.

A number of lines in this thread are bouncing around just under the trolling/flaming line. You've been on this board long enough to know where it is so keep it friendly and don't cross it, because I don't want to have to step in again.
They probably get the point already, but remember, most of this antipathy comes from some of us being hounded and/or warned out of the ABRAMS forum, which has serious bias in its moderation. So now when it repeats itself in other areas, where the folks who have run of that board start attacking again outside of their safety zone, it is more likely for the folks being attacked to dig in, since we are reluctantly in Picard (fall back) mode. On that other board, I've seen the same folks warned (often me) and the same folks not warned, for posting equally vitriolic remarks, and it seriously pisses me off, because apparently it has more to do with off-board 'tudes than actual post content. If it spreads here, then you'll probably lose more posting with informed content.
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