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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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Let's compare TMP to Star Trek

And now explain to me, please, why you think one is better than the other.
Well for one, in the bottom image, the non-luminous quality of light coming from what I guess is the bridge exterior kills the shot right off. A dynamic range issue, which shouldn't have been an issue, since somebody said they did several different separate renders/passes to capture more of the range, yet the luminous tonalities are not luminous.
Everything that should cast light on something, does so.
So, I don't see what you mean.
APPEARS to cast light, because the light falls in the appropriate area. But it isn't luminous in the way a genuine light source is. Again, to see an exaggerated example of crappy lights on a cg ship, check the shots in NEM right before the viewscreen gets shot away. Back top of saucer, and it is, again, like out of focus mailing labels for windows, no sense of actual light source. The spills of lights on the TMP ship aren't actually caused by the installed lights, but by off-camera ones; but they are all of a piece in style, so they look right.

Getting a little esoteric here, but WTH: In reality on occasion you can see 'fake' looking windows, where they are flat and dead. It is probably a matter of window treatment plus atmospheric effect, but it looks wrong, even if it is actual. When you're doing a film, you're going for what looks expected to some degree, as well as credible, so non-luminous unlights hurt the illusion.
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