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Re: A good Frankenstein movie.

The novel was the only Frankenstein I'm a fan of, though it's a trifle dry in places and nowhere near one of my favourite Gothic novels. The stuff with the monster is the strongest portion of the work, also.

It's just not as cinematic as some other works, though - Frankenstein is a very, very talky book, with a lot of internal monologues and a comparative lack of incident (while, say, The Italian and most Radcliffe novels would be jam-packed with intrigue and action).

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Besides, didn't Tim Burton already do his own version of a Frankenstein story, namely Edward Scissorhands?
Quite, but Burton's not above making the same film twice.

Anyway, Edward indicates he'd likely create a rather sympathetic and touching, tragic view of the Frankenstein monster, which I'd think would be fairly interesting to see. His acts of horror would likely become defanged or comical - even at full bloodletting tilt as in Sweeney Todd Burton is far too self-aware to ever really be creepy.
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