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Re: A good Frankenstein movie.

^"The first true steampunk novel?" Hardly. While it may be true that it was an influence on the late-20th-century literary movement called steampunk, that doesn't mean it actually is steampunk, any more than a can of Campbell's soup is an Andy Warhol painting. It's improper to back-project modern concepts onto a discussion of works that predate the existence of those concepts. After all, steampunk is an outgrowth of cyberpunk, combining modern literary sensibilities with tropes from Victorian-era SF. And as I understand it, it tends to focus on Victorian-SF-type technology and its effects, whereas there's virtually no discussion of science or technology in Shelley's novel, since after all the narrator considered the science of reanimation to be evil and thus deliberately avoided giving any specifics about his techniques.
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