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Re: Do you buy Christmas presents

When I had a dog in my teenage years, yes! He got so excited around christmas. He was a labrador, fairly big and well built, but most gentle and playful.

He loved opening things, and was in his element laying down with a taped up cardboard box with a few biscuits rattling around inside. He'd have his paws around it, teeth and saliva wearing away one corner. Sometimes he'd get up and walk around with it in clenched in his mouth showing it to each of us and wagging his tail merrily.

Christmas morning he was as excited as we were. He'd be dancing back and to, nudging at the parcels with his nose, remembering our strange early morning ritual from previous christmases no doubt.

He actually liked helping us open our parcels. If I had one on my knee, he'd come over and want to help me unwrap it. But understanding that it was mine, and that thee contents was mine, so was always self-restrained in his helping, but excited and eager about the whole unwrapping thing.

So yes, after I realised he liked chewing open boxes and enjoyed christmas morning, I always made him a few well taped up parcels of his own to open in later years.
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