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Re: Uniform colours- is there a system?

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^ What he said.

It sounds like you're fairly new to Star Trek; if you watch the original series at some point as well as TNG, you'll note the command and engineering colours are swapped round between the two series. Rumour has it that the reason is that Data's makeup tested better with yellow than red, so they switched the colours around. Not sure if that's true or just something I heard once.
If that is true, I have disagree with the producers. I always thought Data looked better in the red uniform. Maybe it's just that I'm so used to seeing him in the gold that the change is nice.
Well, I also understand that in addition to Brent Spiner not "testing well" in blue because of the makeup/contacts, Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes didn't test well in gold, either. So they decided to switch command to red instead. Good move.

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Some clarification on Data's uniform colors:

The switching of red and yellow from their TOS roles was already planned from the beginning.

The problem was that Data tested bad in blue. He was originally supposed to be called the science officer, just like Spock. However, when they put him in the blue medical/sciences uniform, they didn't think it worked well with his android makeup and contact lenses. So they created a new position, operations officer, that allowed him to wear the yellow ship operations uniforms. Red was never really a consideration for him.

It's too bad, though. Personally, I think his makeup and contacts look horrible with the yellow and would have looked ten times better in either red or blue. As I recall, there were even some Photoshopped images posted around here a while back showing him in the different colors.
I also agree that Data looked better in red. The makeup and contacts went well with that color in the two eps he wore command red. I also wish he had switched to command red in Redemption, Pt. II when he commanded the Sutherland.

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