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Re: Comic book questions and other ramblings (Possible Spoilers)

Not a Marvel reader, but here's my thoughts on some of the DC stuff you mentioned....

1. Archie and Milestone characters....yeah, they really just need to put these characters on different worlds of the restored Multiverse because most of them are useless and less special on Clutter Earth.

When was the last time Captain Marvel really mattered or was special? When he was on Earth-S...because he was that worlds "Superman", for lack of a better description. They've got waaaay to many heroes on one friggin planet, and it's beyond annoying. Why do they have crime again? Or a status quo that benefits a wealthy few?

2. Yes, Dick is the new Batman....Don't know why Tim didn't become Nightwing other than the fact that Bruce will be back at some point.

As for Kingdom Come...who really gives a shit about it anymore? Yes, it was awesome, ten to fifteen years ago. I really don't care about it anymore and it was never meant to be DC's "future". Don't know why they're pushing it other than it's Alex Ross' deal.

3. Planet full of Kryptonians....retarded, and I'm friggin' sick of Superman being drawn like Christopher Reeves and the Fortress of Solitude looking like that cheap crystaline crap from the first movie.

4. Green Lantern....the other Corps wouldn't be so bad if they weren't supposed to be "emotions". Will is not, by any definition or stretch of the word, an emotion. Plus, the current crossover would've have more impact in ten to fifteen years than it does now. The Guardians just came back to the joy of Hal fans, and looky....their at the exact spot they were at the end of Hal's run despite being shown different in Kyle's run. boring. And the other Corps, while I enjoy them, are just to new for me to care or be awed by any war between them, or when one gets decimated.

5. What painted art style are you referring to? Sometimes it's really cool...other just doesn't work.

6. Title's that I will recommend without really knowing your likes and dislikes:

1. Planetary - Just. Plain. Awesome.

2. Jack Staff - Finally got off my ass and picked this book up and it's the closest thing in decades that feels like the kind of comics I read as a kid in the 70's and 80's. The book isn't so much about Jack Staff, so much as the world he inhabits. There's an entire comic universe in the pages of Jack Staff, that's why I love it. Just good old fashion comic book adventures. I'm loving the hell out of it more than just about anything these days.

3. John Byrne's recent Trek work...if you're a fan of classic Trek, this is the Trek comic for you. It's the only Trek work, in twenty years of reading Trek comics, that actually feels like Trek. The ships and sets are 100% accurate and faithful and have never been captured as good as this.

Off the top of my head, that's about all I can think of right now. If I think of more, I'll post them as well.
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