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Now matter how much the Simpsons may or may not have lost it's "spark",
The Simpsons > Family Guy.
I sort of agree. However, it's difficult to compare the two shows. What made The Simpsons work so well was how much heart it had. Even after all of the bizarre stuff that happened, Homer always figured out a way to make it right by the end.

Family Guy has almost never had that. During the few episodes that it did, it felt very disingenuous. On the contrary, what makes Family Guy so brilliant is its unwavering commitment to making its jokes as extreme & surreal as possible, regardless of how unlikable it may make the characters.

But while that formula works very well for Family Guy, it doesn't work for The Simpsons for a few reasons:
1.) I don't think the writers of The Simpsons have the cojones to take their characters as far as they would need to to make that really effective.
2.) Even if they did, it still probably wouldn't work because it would clash so badly with everything that has come before.
3.) The Simpsons writers are too well educated to become quite that random. Maybe that's changed over the years but in the beginning, The Simpsons had the best educated writing staff of any comedy series on TV. If you closely watch the early episodes, it's amazing how many really intellectual jokes were just slipped in there, like when Marge left Maggie at the Ayn Rand daycare center...

"Do you know what a baby is saying when he asks for his bottle?"
"'Ba ba?'"
"He's saying, 'I am a leech.' Here we try to nurture the bottle within."

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Zion Ravescene wrote: View Post
I will say that I do agree with Matt Groening's criticism of the episode "A Star Is Burns" (from season 6) which led to him removing his name from the opening and closing credits of that episode - as well as being merely a tie-in with The Critic, it just simply wasn't a particularly funny or good episode in itself. (Thank goodness for the episode that followed it, though... )
See, I thought that episode was fantastically funny and one of S6's many highlights.

"On closer inspection, these appear to be loafers."

"Just connect it to my veins!"

However, I am something of a Critic diehard as well, and I hunted down that series basically on the basis of my love of this episode. I enjoyed that series an unreasonably great deal.
Agreed. I love The Critic. At the time, I loved it even more than The Simpsons. Pairing them up on Sunday nights was the best thing FOX ever did. And I'm a huge fan of crossovers, so I don't see what the problem is.

If anything bothered me about that crossover, it was the scene where Homer's stomach out-growl's Jay's. Now, Homer may have a voracious appetite. But as any fan of The Critic knows, Jay's stomach has achieved independent self-awareness. It speaks to Jay the way that Simpsons characters talk to their brains.

But then, Homer's liver seems to be at least mildly sentient.
Homer: "...I'll have to stop drinking."
Homer's liver: "Yay!"
Homer: "Shut up, liver!" (Punches himself.) "Ow. My liver hurts."
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