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Re: Ferengi in the new universe

I have a site where I showcase some of my screen used Ferengi costumes from a variety of Star Trek episodes. Here is the link:

The people at GQ emailed me looking for screen used Ferengi costumes to rent for the shoot, but they wouldn't tell me with whom. They just told me it was a 'famous Star Trek actor'. They wanted to hire and fly me to NY as a 'consultant' for the shoot. They wanted me to send pics of the best ones and the sizes of each for actors they were going to put in the costumes. I did as they asked, and sent along 3 pics of me at conventions in a couple of them. They were very impressed with my portrayal, and said they wanted me instead. They asked if I could leave right away. 6 hours later I was on a plane to NY with all expenses paid for 3 days, and I got paid. I hung with Chris for 5 of the 6 shoot locations (about a day), and we chatted about everything under the sun, including the movie and future Star Trek movie stuff. We talked a lot during that particular shoot, which lasted about 2 hours. You wouldn't know it from the pic, but we got to giggling a couple of times from our banter. That shoot was fun.
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