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Comic book questions and other ramblings (Possible Spoilers)

I have an idea of some of this, but I wanted someone to give me their own personal take on a couple of things going on in DC and Marvel?

1. Is Osborn like a Marvel version of Lex Luthor. Apparently he is the ultimate bad guy in 616 now replacing Doom, Magneto, and Skull.

2. So Milestone and Archie heroes are part of the regular DCU. Something Marvel has never done. They have never added all the different properties they own to the regular Marvelverse and DC has always "assimilated" its acquisitions.

3. I think Dick is the new Batman. If that is the case why didn't Tim just become Nightwing instead of Red Robin. I mean is Kingdom Come that popular?

4. Whose stupid idea was it to have a planet of Kryptonians? I can't even imagine how that makes any sense. Did they not watch Lois and Clark?

5. So General Lane is like the guy who is going to take the alien superheroes down?

6. So Steve Rogers is back how? Is Clint Barton a ninja or an archer?

7. Did Marvel just add Dark to all their titles.

8. So is it the Green Lanterns or the Rainbow Lanterns? Maybe they should be the In Touch With Our Inner Feelings Lanterns.

9. What is up with the painted artwork style?

10. Is there a title that an old timer like we would actually like. Doesn't have to be Marvel or DC.
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