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Re: Star Trek: Crew in Trade Paperback

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John Byrne has had more than a fair share of detractors when he was doing his more traditional superhero work,
I would disagree with these people.

IMO, his run of X-Men with Terry austin and Chris Claremont is still some of the best stuff ever. And Byrne's run on Fantastic Four has some amazing work in it as well.
I'll join you in praising Byrne's early X-Men and FF work, but I didn't really care for anything he did later (Alpha Flight, Hulk, Namor, both Avengers teams, ect).
That's where most of the criticisms towards Byrne is aimed at, his later work (within the last ten years or so). Ditto for Claremont, who gets praise for his early X-men stuff, but not much love for his more recent X-men work from the fanboys (although I've heard good things about his current X-Men: Forever series).
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