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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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1. I wasn't talking about any TV show, I'm talking about SFX in general.

2. We're talking about re-making the show for HD here, not NTSC.
Okay then back on topic. Re-doing the TNG visual effects for high definition would require using a CG model of the ENT-D as most of us will agree would be the most cost effective solution should TPTB decide to do any TNG-R of ANY episodes.

In fact, to properly light a ship to highlight it's 3 dimensional properties, you need LESS light. More light bleeds out shadows, and shadows are a heavy indicator of 3D features.
Why don't we compare the last Star Trek TV series visual effects CG model work?

2005 had "Enterprise" 4th season for around 2 million per 43 minutes.

Is the CG ship models and lighting up to your quality level that TNG-R would require? Specifically in ENT season 4.
For season 1 it has been mentioned in detail that in 2001-2002 the season 1 ENT visual effects were rendered in standard definition.
If CBS Digital did the work for a TNG-R Blu-ray we know it would not quite be up to the level of ENT or do you think CBS Digital would totally step up their game and deliver 2011 quality visual effects for a 1987 TV series?
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