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Re: Can I suggest an Art Contest?

I was thinking about a challenge I'd like to see here, and here is my humble idea...

This is from my fanfic series "Star Trek: Entomalians"... in the story, there is a monument on the grounds of Starfleet Command, honoring the fallen people from Wolf 359, called the "Federation Wall". Below is a description of the wall, and why it is called what it is called...

The Federation Wall is a stone monument on the grounds of Starfleet Command, in San Francisco, that lists the names of everyone lost at Wolf 359, by ship. The Federation Wall was named for the fact that it was constructed using one stone from every Federation member world, to symbolize the entire UFP coming together in unity, in a time of tragedy. The Federation Wall is the centerpiece of the Wolf 359 Memorial Park.

I'm not envisioning anything like a statue or sculpture, but rather a simple stone wall, but artistically designed, to appear to have an abstract or modern form, with a "shiny" look, like it is made of polished stones, like jade, obsidian, or marble. The UFP seal should be a part of the wall. If anyone wants to take this on, cool, if not, oh, well... it's there just the same, lol.
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