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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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With technology improving, maybe it's possible to create a CGI Enterprise-D that looks better than the model. I'm merely saying that hasn't happened yet.
Perhaps not better, but pretty damn close (even in this unfinished, untextured state this CG-model looks amazing):

The thread about this model can be found at
Holy crap that's horrible. Flat and cartoony as they come.

Is this the same thread in which I explained why CGI these days looks so bad and flat and cartoony, versus model shots with pictures to show it? The lighting - just like models, ever since Star Wars (with the exception of the first few Star Trek movies) they are over lit.

They are created to fit this idea of an lovely lit by the sun in Earth atmosphere cool-looking ship zipping about in front of a starscape.

Instead, they need to work to make the ships look REAL, as in 3D objects, not flat cartoon drawings. And this is done with lighting.
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