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Re: CG ENT-D model

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For me, some of the windows on that TATV -d have got that 'cg shitty window light' look, so it looks like they'd need to render those elements on another pass to get the dynamic range right to sell the ship as credibly as a good miniature.
I think the windows are an example of where both physical miniatures and CGI models failed to sell the reality of the Enterprise-D. "Frosted white rectangles" don't look like windows to me.

Frosted white rectangles in this case at least have a physical presence, as opposed to out of focus mailing labels, which is the CG look. Look at NEM shots of the ship windows, especially the closeup of the back top before the viewscreen gets shot away ... just a fuzzy wash of white.

But yeah, I'll grant you slides or dioramas inside would have been an improvement, like what they did for the -e but didn't really get a chance to show off in FC.
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