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Re: Uniform colours- is there a system?

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They did something similar during the TOS movies era. Section colours were less visible than in other time periods (just the turtleneck undershirts and epaulets instead of the various parts of the outer tunic), but they abandoned it later.
TMP increased from three (TOS) to six division colours:
White: command, Science: orange; Ship's Services/Helm: yellow; Engineering: red; Medical: mint green; Security: grey. The uniform colours were officers' personal choice of grey or beige.

ST II-VI, plus "Generations" prologue:
White: command, Science/Ship's Services: grey; Engineering/Helm: yellow; Medical: mint green; Security: black; Cadet: red. In the background, several other collar/cuff colours could be seen. The uniform jacket colour was wine.
Thank you, I was too lazy to check.
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