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Re: New Fan Collective????

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As a fan who isn't insanley rich, I like these collections a lot.
Well, I'm not exactly loaded either... but I do tend to focus on buying Star Trek DVDs more than most other merchandise, often all over again too knowing my track record. First starting in the days of VHS and now seriously interested in getting TOS and the films on Blu-ray.

I'd love to see a collection with the finales and pilots of all the shows... <snip>
That's another collection choice, I would've preferred to those single disc 'Best of' TOS & TNG volumes CBS seem to be focusing on.

Disc One
TOS The Cage
TOS Where No Man Has Gone Before (Unaired 2nd Pilot version)
TOS The Man Trap (Premiere)
TAS Beyond the Farthest Star (Premiere)
TAS The Counter-Clock Incident

Disc Two
TNG Encounter at Farpoint
TNG All Good Things...

Disc Three
DS9 Emissary
DS9 What We Leave Behind

Disc Four
VOY Caretaker
VOY Endgame

Disc Five
ENT Broken Bow
ENT Demons/Terra Prime

Turnabout Intruder and These are the Voyages... I would leave off, with both already on the previous two sets.
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