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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

Ooo a thread talking about Enterprise models. I shall impart my wisdom as follows;

There have been a lot of great physical models built over the years, the Enterprise D was never one of them. The original model was little more than a hull with windows--very little detail. The 4ft model looks like lumpy paper mache. I know, they look great in fuzzy low resolution. Go figure.

If they ever did redo TNG's effects you can rest assured the virtual model builders would have the same resources that the TOS-R team were given to build their Enterprise. That is, unprecedented access to Paramount's archives, and the original shooting model itself.

Which is good because that TATV model was built in a week and looks like it. The model from Generations (the one that's 15 years old) is less detailed than ships you can get for Bridge Commander. They were built to suit their needs at the time and nothing more.

A lot of the flatness in TOS-R comes from them not wanting to stray too far from the flat original FX. If a TNG-R team took the same slavish approach, and there's no saying they would, they at least have a lot more room to play with visually.

I don't think TNG-Remastered will happen soon, but as time passes most aspects of the job will only become cheaper to do. Eventually the time will be right.
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