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Re: CG ENT-D model

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While I would love them to license one of the 2 beautiful CGI models already created and one of them being from ILM for 1994's 'Generations' and the other for ENT "These Are the Voyages...".
John Knoll's CG -d for GEN was only used in a very few shots, and wasn't designed for scrutiny, just to get the ship to warp and I think maybe for a couple of battle hits. Like the -e seen in warp and time travel shots in FC, that digital model, which was animated in Electric Image on macs, probably wasn't a be-all/end-all, nor was it intended as such.

For me, some of the windows on that TATV -d have got that 'cg shitty window light' look, so it looks like they'd need to render those elements on another pass to get the dynamic range right to sell the ship as credibly as a good miniature. Most folks don't bother rendering different aspects on separate passes to extend dynamic range, but it is really worth it in terms of credibility (even now, a decade later, look at the docbot in MATRIX ... that looks like a real object because you've got photorealistic highlights as well as good detail down into the shadows. Most CG fails for me because it sacrifices on one end or the other, usually the highlight end, hence, 'cg shitty window light.')
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