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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction and Film

I'm about 150 pages in, now, and there hasn't been a dud yet. I'm really pleased. A couple of typos, which is weird for a reprint, but not very many.

It's a pretty broad range of stories so far. From Cold War werewolves, to a touching werewolf family story to a tale about a man whose transformation is entirely psychological. (I remember Curt Siodmak saying that his original concept for The Wolf Man was along those lines.)

I was intending to put the anthology down temporarily so that I could dig into a new novel, but I haven't been inclined to take a break from it yet, which is a good sign.

Amazon was quick to send me a replacement for The Wolf Man Special Edition, but they sent me the green Legacy set again. Now it looks like many customers are having the same problem.

This site lists the release date as February 2nd, which sounds about right, coinciding with the remake. They have a different cover for it, which I kind of like better.

As for House of the Wolf Man, someone said on their discussion board that they heard it's going to be released on DVD next October, but the official response from "Bela Frankenstein" was that they hope it'll be long before that. There was implication that it might be distributed by Universal, which would be great.
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