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Re: On Tuesday, which version of ST:XI will you buy?

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2 disk DVD for me.

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* Not buying into this whole Blu-Ray is better B.S. *
It's not B.S.
Blu-ray is superior in image quality, features and technological adaptability.

By a quotient so insignificant that it barely is noticeable. And yes, I'm decked out with everything I need to take advantage of BR's "far superior image quality". I've done the side by side comparisons, with the DVD in the DVD player and the Blu-Ray in the BluRay player. Yes, the picture is better on BluRay, but not really by much. Definitely doesn't deserve the "BLURAY!!! WOW!!!" reputation it has gotten.

Seriously, I'll stop buying DVDs when something that is actually far different/better than the current DVD format comes out.

I'll bet you pulled for HD-DVD didn't you?

Look, even my wife (who wasn't into the whole HD thing. Thought it was a gimmick to sell more TVs, before we got one and a Blu-ray player). She is just as blown away by the picture and audio quality as I am. She rents more Blu-ray titles than I do!

This is not a gimmick. This is VERY worthy of the reputation it's gotten, but it takes a pair of eyes to appreciate it (I guess).
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