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Re: Spider-Man Post Brand New Day

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The problem is these scenarios would not have accomplished editorial goals. Quesada said in several interviews the problem with the marriage is you can't
A) have him get divorced, because that makes him seem even OLDER than he is now, and the goal was to make him younger and "more relateable"
But he's just as old the way it was done. Reality wasn't actually altered to make Peter younger, it's just that people's memories of certain events were revised. So he's not actually younger, he's just acting more immature. In the scenario I proposed where Dr. Strange is the one who rewrites people's memories, the result is the same, but the setup isn't as stupid and offensive. It isn't the Devil convincing Peter to do something wildly out of character, it's Peter himself choosing to make the sacrifice for MJ's sake and turning to a fellow hero to get it done. Also it doesn't require the idiotic premise that all the superpowered beings in the whole Marvel universe are incapable of healing a simple gunshot wound, doesn't require making them all powerless in order to set up a contrived and unbelievable scenario.

B) Kill off MJ, that makes Pete a widower, same problem.
Did you miss the part where I said she survives?

Whether you agree with him or not, that is the criteria the story had to meet. Not saying I agreed with it, I liked married Peter, but that was what editorial wanted. So any "they should have done THIS" ideas have to fit in with the goals of editorial.
My point is that there were better ways of achieving the same goals.
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