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Re: Spider-Man Post Brand New Day

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I didn't mean for their marriage to be "erased", but as an impetus for them to break up.
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Or how about this: MJ's the one who gets shot rather than May. She pulls through, but Peter becomes convinced it's too dangerous for her to be around him, so he breaks up with her for her own protection. Or maybe he talks Dr. Strange into erasing everyone's memories of the marriage as well as his identity exposure, so that MJ and May will be safe and so he won't have to live with the pain of losing her. There are many ways they could've played it that would've made more sense than what they did.
The problem is these scenarios would not have accomplished editorial goals. Quesada said in several interviews the problem with the marriage is you can't
A) have him get divorced, because that makes him seem even OLDER than he is now, and the goal was to make him younger and "more relateable"
B) Kill off MJ, that makes Pete a widower, same problem.
Whether you agree with him or not, that is the criteria the story had to meet. Not saying I agreed with it, I liked married Peter, but that was what editorial wanted. So any "they should have done THIS" ideas have to fit in with the goals of editorial.
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