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Re: DS9 on Blu Ray

B5 was still using old Lightwave and Video Toaster for the effects, state of the art in the EARLY 90s...

DS9 might have an easier go in later seasons as that's when they started using more CGI- models for their space battles and the like, so maybe it won't take too terribly much. As long as they do a high rez scan of the old film, it shouldn't take that long really, and if they need to redo effects, I'm sure Digital Domain or whoever their CGI effects house at the time was still has copies of the models and such. I wouldn't mind seeing some of the early Season 1-4 space battles redone in CGI, even though YES the models still look great, but even if they could do a little "magic" and make the battles more exciting.

Although speaking of BluRay... wasn't it Enterprise that was actually shot with HD in mind? Pity that DS9 and Voyager weren't ahead of the curve at that point.
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