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Re: New Fan Collective????

The episodes on past Fan Collectives were all voted for on Sad to see the state that site is currently in.

I would suggest a Vulcans & Romulans set. The 10 best efforts featuring the Star Empire and some logically connected stories:

Disc One - Vulcans
ENT The Forge/Awakening/Kir'Shara
TOS Amok Time
extra feature: TAS Yesteryear

Disc Two - Vulcans
TOS Journey to Babel
TNG Sarek, Unification Part I & II

Disc Three - Romulans
ENT Babel One/United/The Aenar
TOS Balance of Terror

Disc Four - Romulans
TOS The Enterprise Incident
TNG The Enemy, The Defector, Face of the Enemy

Disc Five - Romulans
DS9 In the Pale Moonlight, Inter Arma Silent Leges
VOY Eye of the Needle, Message in a Bottle
STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE Season 5 on Netflix Facebook page
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