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Re: Star Trek: A Rendezvous With Destiny--A Tale of Captain Ezri Dax

Alright. Now...they say first impressions are the most important.'s Spock's initial reflections on our girl.

Star Trek: Aventine
A Rendezvous With Destiny
Scene 5

Spock took in the tour with calm passivity. He was, nonetheless, intrigued by a great deal—particularly the experimental slipstream drive, which was, officially, classified material.

His greatest fascination, however, lay in observing Captain Ezri Dax. With her hands typically clasped behind her back, she explained all the information he desired to know, with the clear, logical efficiency of a scientist—yet she also demonstrated an undeniable passion, an innocent enthusiasm akin to that of a child.

The girl’s figure was rather petite—and thus, physically, had little of what most would consider “a commanding presence”. However, she carried herself with an elegance and confidence that more than compensated for this.

She walked with a swiftness that implied an immense supply of energy, but as she did so, she also tended to glance around her with a casual alertness—always with the faintest hint of a blissful smile.

She also had a very expressive face, often making it quite simple to discern what she was feeling—and her blue-grey eyes were no exception. There was…a certain sparkle within them, implying a typically positive outlook on life.

All this, of course, was relatively unsurprising. At twenty-six-point-five-seven years of age, Ezri Dax had the distinct prestige of being the youngest captain in Starfleet history—breaking the late Tryla Scott’s record by one-point-four-one years. Ezri’s youthful spirit, and the vigor with which it came, was to be expected.

Still…her vitality was clearly tempered with the wisdom of experience—also unsurprising, as the life-form within her, the Dax symbiont, was said to be over three centuries old, and to posses the memories and knowledge of a politician, a scholar, an artist, an ambassador, and so on.

But above all, Spock noted within this young woman an undeniable sense of idealism, and integrity.

Such, he noted with a hint of…grief …was indeed quite rare in the Federation of the present. And this assisted in the growth of Spock’s respect for the girl. For indeed, she was a woman of nobility. Logic could reach no other conclusion.

And yet…there was another element Spock noticed within the captain, whenever he looked her in the eye. It seemed as if there was also a suggestion of…sadness? It was barely perceptible—he doubted that she was even aware of it—but nonetheless, it was there.

It was more than the simple loneliness of command. No…it seemed to run far deeper—a kind of pain…which had clearly existed within the woman for some time. What could it be?

Unfortunately…Spock could discern no answer.

* * *

(Note: Tryla Scott's general age, and Ezri's specific age, are conjectual. Tryla's age is based on Kirk setting the old record at 29, as per "Enterprise: The First Adventure".)
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