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Re: Freeware Windows Applications

Here is a smattering of my favourite freeware:

Audiograbber - Looks a bit rough around the edges but is pretty much the best CD ripper I've ever used.

CCleaner - Spiffy system/registry cleanup program. Very useful.

DVD Slideshow GUI - This is actually a collection of several programs, each of which plays a part in creating slideshow DVDs which will playback on pretty much any standalone DVD player, even older ones.

Glitch - VST plugin for DAW software. The name conveys some idea of the sorts of sounds which can be eked from it.

Revo Uninstaller - Kickass uninstaller with full control throughout an uninstallation (down to the identification and removal of registry files).

Universal Extractor - Kickass package extractor, compatible with just about any common compressed filetype. The best part is that it just creates a new folder with the same name and it's done - no fooling around with vague context menus and such.

VirtualBox - Virtualisation software. Since you're digging freeware, you might as well go the whole hog and try out some of the numerous free Linux distros. Also functions as a sandbox for testing suspicious websites and such.
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