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CG ENT-D model

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the CGI Enterprise-D from These Are The Voyages has the edge.
The question is though who would do the visual effects work? TOS-R was done by CBS Digital which is "in house".
TNG, VOY, ENT were all done by contracted visual effects houses whose reputation depends on whether they will get more work in the future from other clients.

While I would love them to license one of the 2 beautiful CGI models already created and one of them being from ILM for 1994's 'Generations' and the other for ENT "These Are the Voyages...". But most likely CBS Digital would start from scratch and build a new CGI model. [frowns].

There are two different Lightwave CG models of the Enterprise-D used in canon already. Why doesn't Paramount/CBS ever license CG models?!
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