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Philadelphia Class Frigate

Time is a fickle thing. Where once there is peace, war can erupt without the slightest notion. On the other side of that same coin are the strategists, planning every move of the fleet, and trying to get an insight into what is going to happen now, soon, or not so soon.

Enter the Philadelphia Class. This warship, constructed not so long after the Wells class intervention cruisers, has a more obvious role than the last: deliver a punch, and deliver it hard. At the brink of the 30th century, when the Na'Kuhl opposed the Temporal Accords and war erupted, this class of ship was pitched in the front lines. Not as elegant as a Wells, but far cheaper and easier to produce, this became the first platform of choice to combat the Na'Kuhl across different timelines. To cut down on costs the ship is equipped with a model of temporal transporter that can span less time than the Wells' transporter, but this was deemed enough: if it would be needed, the ship would jump to the timeframe itself and then initiate transport.

Being a ship of war, it is equiped with two heavy temporal disruptors on the front and several phaserstrips across the hull, as well as being able to fire Mk. IV temporal chroniton torpedoes, able to chase a timejumping ship at least a few centuries; in one case, a Na'Kuhl heavy cruiser was destroyed when it jumped back five centuries to escape a Philedelphia wing, only to be surprised off-guard by a chasing chroniton torpedo. It's 110 meters are filled with equipment that can aid the personell in their fight, though it has less volume compared to a Wells. A shuttlebay is absent: the ship is too small to cary an Aeon anyway. A temporal pod is present, though.

- - -

So... This here ship is being made for SCN's sub 200 meter starship competition. Perhaps the most exotic project of this whole competition, even more so than my slipstream ship. This is unknown territory, though still Federation. The ship came out a little bit different compared to the sketch but it came out better than I'd hoped for. I know that there's some errors in the model but I'm still busy perfeting it. I hope you all can get into my mind with this one, because... well, yeah, this ain't your daddy's Star Trek (or your son's, or great-great-great-grandson's, for that matter )
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