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Re: Uniform colours- is there a system?

There were special colors for such things in the TOS movies, which used a more extensive color palette overall.

But in the TV shows, we could argue that Starfleet marines wear the same colors as Starfleet sailors do - all three of them. After all, we already saw marines (whatever their name in the ST universe) in episodes like "The Siege of AR-558", and while their uniforms were distinct, their colors were the usual red and yellow (and perhaps blue as well, although that was not actually seen in any episode). Marines would have their own fighters, engineers, medics and surveyors, just like the sailor branch of the organization does, and would need all three colors.

We could also argue that Intelligence wears the same yellow as Security does. Most admirals wear red, as is fitting of people whose main job is to command. But we have also seen an admiral in yellow, Admiral Toddman in "The Die is Cast". He obviously wasn't of Engineering persuasion, and he was handling a delicate Intelligence matter (the OO/Tal'Shiar strike against the Founder hideout world) that shouldn't be related to Security much.

No doubt there are also blueshirt admirals, but there are precious few plotlines where the Chief of Starfleet Medical, Admiral (Rear, Lower Half) Probe, Ann L. (MD/Proct.) would be calling our heroes.

Timo Saloniemi
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