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I gave up on the series after Spectre. Actually I'm not even sure I finished that, but anyway I only read them once and haven't felt motivated to finish the series. Just got tired of what seemed to be a Shatner ego trip.
Ashes of Eden wasn't too bad, but I don't remember enough right now to comment much on it.
That's what I felt like too. It really started to seem like a big ego trip. I really always like The Return, which was after Ashes of Eden because I always craved more Borg plotlines back then, but reading it now kind of feels like a let down considering all the territory covered by Voyager and First Contact.

Although I would like to point out that IDW's Nero series has connected V'Ger to the Narada (which had Borg technology).

The whole V'Ger story ended up being a major part of the endgame in The Return.
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