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Re: Beverley & Dianas clothes...

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And if you haven't seen Deliverance, he's terrific in that great flick, too! -- RR
Yeah, he put in a really great performance in that one. I also think it's probably the best work Burt Reynolds ever did. It's a shame that the movie is only known for the famous "squeal like a pig" scene, because it really is a very good movie with a lot to say about the concept of "man vs. nature".
Quite true on all counts, Ward. It's also known for the dueling banjos sequence. The whole crux of the movie is man vs. nature, and Lewis (Reynolds) fancies himself at one with nature. A harrowing movie! John Boorman, the director, also helmed Excalibur. Reynolds' other best work was, IMHO, in Sharky's Machine. One of his costars in that flick was Bernie Casey, who later played Sisko's friend Cal Hudson, the Maquis leader in DSN. -- RR
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