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Re: My Take on Voyager Mk II


Voyager heads to the Ocampan homeworld at Kes' request while the majority of the Conclave Armada and League StarForce assemble to defend against a new assault by the Fluidics who are gathering in such a great number it seems like the start of the next Fluidic War.

Kes uses her mental abilities to link with the rest of her kind and together they "mindscan" the space near their world where the Array was and pick up on the leftover traces of the Caretaker. With the mental "scent" of a Caretaker they are now able to search out for the female one and find her. Turns out she wasn't very far from the Array and has been observing everything. She arrives in her little girl form and announces that due to VOY's entrance to the Greater Beta Quadrant her experiment has been contaminated; she's a little upset over 2000+ years of hard work going down the drain. But she's a scientist and still has many years left to her so she can start again: She's the one causing the greater build-up of the Fluidics as she hopes to create such a massive battle that both the Conclave and the League will be virtually destroyed while at the same time they unleash the nanoprobe weaponry on the Fluidics. This will wipe out 99% of all the factions and she can wait to see how it will all go out again over the next 2000 years.

She leaves to observe, confident that they will die in the crossfire knowing the truth but unable to stop it.

An all-out final battle is occurring between the combined forces of the entire Deep-Beta Quadrant (AI Nation, Conclave, League, and anyone else) and the Fluidics. However, he crew of VOY realize that the real enemy is the female Caretaker: she’s also affecting the minds of the combined forces so the aggression caused by the battling increases. This occurs to them when they try to get through and explain what’s happening but most fleet commanders are in a fighting rage to listen. Kes clues them into the Caretaker’s influence.

Janeway pulls out her secret weapon: she contacted the Devore before they started searching for the Caretaker and had a fleet of their ships armed with anti-telepath weapons which they unleash on her. This weakens her to the point that the League/Conclave commanders are free of her and listen to VOY and the Fluidic attack begins the fall apart. While the League/Conclave fight off the retreating Fluidics, they send what available ships they have to battle the Caretaker. But it’s still not enough; their technology can’t overcome her sheer mindpower.


Kes, Tuvok and Lon Suder tell Janeway they’ve devised one alternative: They use a shuttle to go to the Voth vessel during the engagement and release the captive Fluidic there. They then immediately share their minds with it and make it realize the grand manipulation they’ve all suffered via the Caretaker. Surprised that they released him the Fluidic sees the truth in their minds and the knowledge of the greater battle. Linking his mind to theirs and then to the greater Ocampa telepath link it calls out to its’ people to stop and shares his knowledge and as the Caretaker is injured it can’t stop the message.

The Fluidic race combines their psychic link with the Ocampan one and then with the entire Quadrant’s armada. With a single shared goal and enemy they assault the Caretaker mentally while she is assaulted physically by the Devore weapons. For one instant the minds of everyone in the Deep-Beta Quadrant are united together in their desire to be free and seek their own fate, free from outside manipulation; for one instant all sentient life in the Deep-Beta Quadrant share a united mind, which gives them a deeper and better understanding of one other than they ever had before. This overpowers the female Caretaker, erasing her threat (forever?).

The Fluidics are finally able to create a rift back to their home dimension now that the Female Caretaker is dead, while the Federation is able to harvest enough of the Slipstream fuel they need to begin actively trading/interacting with the Greater Beta Quadrant. With the Fluidic threat finally ended (they were so sick of our universe they just upped and left with little intention to return) the League is cutting back on the military and diverting more resources to diplomatic departments. Whether they like it or not, the people of the Deep-Beta Quadrant now have a better understanding and connection of one another and what they have in common.

Thus, the 2000+ years of harshness and hostility has finally come to an end and for the first time in millennia there is a chance at true peace. Will there one day be a new war that will draw in the Conclave, the League and the Federation, will a threat greater than the Fluidics ever emerge? Who knows what the future brings?

But for now, the pain and hostility of the past can be outshone by the bright promise of a better tomorrow.

Star Trek Voyager – The End
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