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Re: The Twilight Saga: New Moon Discussion

I saw New Moon. It was okay. I liked it better than the first movie. They got rid of the blue tint which I found very distracting in Twilight. The first movie felt too much like an indie film so I was glad they got a bigger budget. The fans deserve that at least for making the movie a hit.

I could care less about the Bella and Edward romance but at least this movie had much more of a plot compared to the first movie. The writers thankfully didn't make it too serious and gave the characters several funny lines to say throughout the whole thing. All the Italy stuff was great and felt like mini movie. Michael Sheen seemed to be having loads of fun playing the head evil vamp. I liked the actor that played Jacob. The werewolves were actually pretty cool. Many people laughed at Alice's vision of Bella's future. It was so over the top. I find it amusing that this is going to become the biggest vampire move ever.

This movie needed much more Alice. Ashley Greene is hot. I want her to get her own spinoff.
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