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Re: Beverley & Dianas clothes...

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McFadden had an amazing body, its a pity they did hide it with a labcoat so often.
Aye, Gates is perfection times a hundred. But because she's so hot, she ALWAYS looked great. As for an in-universe explanation, I'd assume a potential "counseling" patient would feel more comfortable spilling their guts to someone in a more casual dress, than a full Starfleet uniform. IDK if that makes sense, it's just something I thought about.

Actually, Troi had it more awkward than Crusher, because since she's an empath, she could no doubt tell when someone was um... "distracted" by her look, during a counseling session. I'd think that would make things awkward.

Jellico was a Godsend, for putting Troi in a standard uniform. I agreed with him wholeheartedly. He was a badass Captain.
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