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Re: VOY Greatest Contributions

Let's see..positive contributions to Voyager:

1) Casting a female to play the lead role of Janeway..RIGHT ON!
2) And exciting cast-that's what made the show what it was!!!
3) A starship that can actually land with landing struts! Who'd thunk it?!
4) The Vadwar..loved that race!
5) the Kazon-although they only stayed for about three seasons of the show..they were still very entertaining to watch! Good Trek villians-wished they had been kept longer!
6) The Vidiians
Things I could have done without:
1) Leola Root-good lord talk about major yuck fest!
2) The Borg-I know I know..the fans will slap me here..but didn't particularly care for their assimilation techiniques, thank you very much!
3) Fairhaven=good lord pass me a bucket!
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