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There's plenty to criticize in V, to be sure, and it probably didn't deserve to last more than a season, but I find it no better, no worse than the average American-produced network science fiction of the day.
And that's part of the problem, considering how much better than that the original miniseries was. If V had been intended as nothing but mindless fluff from the get-go, it might be nostalgically appreciated as such, like Knight Rider is. But it started out as something so much smarter and more meaningful and then got aggressively retooled and dumbed down. It's a classic case of how network meddling can take something special and ruthlessly homogenize it.
Even the final act of the original miniseries eschewed character development for a plot-based narrative. And when you do that, you open your story to questions about the plausibility of the plot.

Even so, the original mini-series was a story about something important. But once the inevitable sequel arrive in The Final Battle, the network chose to capitalize on the concept with plenty of action and melodrama (Donovan taking advantage of Julie, for example) -- at the expense of real character development or exploration. It's a shame. But the fact that the new V didn't learn the lessons from The Final Battle or the weekly series is inexplicable.
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