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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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My point remains that the main reasons for the time it's taken for this to be completed lay primarily at the feet of the producer, who made the post-production decisions he made for the reasons he made them. He wants it finished a particular way, even when there may have been other ways to complete it.

Ah... so there were NOT other ways to complete it then.
There were plenty of other ways to complete it, but those other options weren't what Jimm Johnson chose.
Once again you miss my point (as in another thread). The only true way to complete an episode is for it to live up to the dreams, expectations, plans and desires of it's producer(s). That means, by your own admission, there is only ONE way to complete this, as you, with your many "options" are not in the category above.

It's like anything else in life. GM designs a car, they may (or may not) take customer input into the process... but when they are past any input stage, the project manager decides how things will be done and what the final design is. At that point, there is one method, and other, non-involved people's "options" are then entirely irrelevant.
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