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The show also made a big mistake out of the gate by not having Michael Ironside's character Ham Tyler from the get-go. He was the best thing about the 2nd mini-series, and he was really missed when the weekly series began. By the time he came back, it was too late.
You have it backward. Ironside was a regular in the first dozen episodes of the series. He was then dropped from the final seven episodes, along with Blair Tefkin, Lane Smith, and Michael Wright, as a result of budget cuts.

I agree I don't understand the hatred for the V series (or the second mini), unless you buy into the "it's old therefore it's bad" mentality that seems to be plaguing our society.
Nope, it was regarded as pretty bad even back when it was new -- which is part of why it only had 19 episodes. Maybe opinions of it are lower now than they were at the time, but that's because we've had more time to compare it to the original mini, to learn about how the sequels were taken away from Kenneth Johnson and retooled, and to see how much better and more sophisticated SF television can be.

There's plenty to criticize in V, to be sure, and it probably didn't deserve to last more than a season, but I find it no better, no worse than the average American-produced network science fiction of the day.
And that's part of the problem, considering how much better than that the original miniseries was. If V had been intended as nothing but mindless fluff from the get-go, it might be nostalgically appreciated as such, like Knight Rider is. But it started out as something so much smarter and more meaningful and then got aggressively retooled and dumbed down. It's a classic case of how network meddling can take something special and ruthlessly homogenize it.
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