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Re: Deleted scene where Spock explains how the timeline "healed itself

Aike wrote: View Post
The script is available online.
After the mind meld this conversation takes place:

Kirk gathers himself, wipes his eyes on his sleeve...
Going back in time... you changed all our
Yet remarkably, events within our
timelines, characteristics, people...
seem to overlap significantly. Tell me
about the rest of the crew? Chekov--
Uhura --?
Tactical and Communications --
-- Sulu --
-- he's the helmsman, why?
Dr. McCoy would assert our meeting here
is not a matter of coincidence... but
rather, indication of a higher purpose.
... he'd call it a damn miracle.
Yes he would. Perhaps the time stream's
way of attempting to mend itself. In
both our histories, the same crew found
its way onto the same ship in a time of
ultimate crisis -- therein lies our
We must go-- there's a Starfleet outpost
not far from here.
Nice one.

I did wonder, actually, when i saw it the theatres that tere seems to be holes in that scene. It didnt seem finnished, rushed to say the least.

But the inquisitive mind in me went into over drive to imagine what else Kirk and Spock couldve discussed/explained. Such as destiny/fate, timeline trying to heal itself, but in hindsight, i prefere the paralell timeline though. This is still a little brief, but it explains a lot in a short exchange.
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